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A Century of Progress

10 Things You Should Know
About Consumers Credit Union

Consumers Credit Union (CCU), chartered in 1930, has thrived during its first century as a member-owned, member-focused credit union. That’s because CCU has consistently championed the credit union philosophy of “people helping people,” a philosophy that has defined the organization from our inception, and has helped us win many awards along the way.

There are other factors that impact the success of any company over such an extended period of time. Yet the most important factors – those that truly drive the trajectory of an organization – are those flowing from its core philosophy.

At Consumers Credit Union, we believe such factors, when woven together, combine to form our DNA. As with an individual’s DNA, each factor helps shape exactly who we are and what we do, as well as how and why we do it.

We have identified ten such factors that have helped CCU maintain laser focus on our core principle of people helping people -- ten strands that weave together to form our DNA and help ensure we are the people in your corner.

1OrigCharter Service to Members

2DragunasPresident 2 Creating Consumers Cooperative Association; moving to an Associational Charter

3FirstOffice 3 Growth through mergers and branch expansion


4CCU_ITM_Innovation 4 Innovation

5CCU_MemberSatisfaction 5 Member satisfaction

6CCU_ResponsibleGrowth 6Responsible growth and financial soundness

7Services_GettyImages-1317988336 7 Expansion of products and services


8CCU_MemberSatisfaction1 8 Commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion

9Group_GettyImages-1056289834 9 Dedicated employees

10Board 10Continuity of leadership